12th May 2017

NEWS Scores added (National Early Warning Scores)

AAA now calculates a NEWS score on all vitals and delivers a clinical risk rating. The system will also detail all RED readings that are recorded. Read more about NEWS scores here.

26th March 2017

We made the top 10 finalists in the Capgemini Innovators Race

We are humbled and honoured to have made the top 10 finalists in this global
competition. The category we entered 'Data & Security' had some first rate
competitors and we are blown away to have made the top 10. We were selected by
jury and being selected by people of this calibre is amazing.
You can see our entry here.

1st March 2017

156k Work packets and 78 NHS Hospitals

Our numbers and usability continues to grow. We are now looking to create custom versions for the particular needs of individual trusts.

11th February 2017

Android, IOS and UWP

We are progressing our Android, IOS and UWP versions of AAA but in doing so, the app is evolving. We are distilling process and function and putting more direct actions at the users fingertips. The only downside of this is that the Windows Phone version will suffer and get left behind. WP market share is so small we will eventually stop supporting it but it has been a great 'beta' platform. We will launch one last release of the WP version by the end of February 2017.

In the new release of AAA, one of the features we are adding is 'Role based security'. The group owner or super users can enforce what actions other users can use and what data others can see. As always, this will again work in an 'Offline first' way. Other features that may make it in are 'Chrono Purge', Alarms on Vitals, Auto Vitals, HealthVault integration, Bluetooth Vitals devices and wearables integration. There are a few other features  that we are 'keeping up our sleeves' till launch.

When we initially wrote AAA, we designed the codebase to be highly 'abstracted'. Our programming background includes a language called 'PolyForth' and this makes the codebase highly portable. Everything distils to 'primitives'. The core AAA code is now running on Hololense and this is taking us in new directions. We doubt we will release this version until late in the year but 'Minority Report' for medics just became a step closer to reality.

12th January 2017

London UK

AAA Medical now used in 66 UK NHS Hospitals

 2016 got us started, 2017 is where we make it happen. At the moment we are only on Windows Phone. Our users struggle to find others who have a Windows Phone to collaborate with. We will release Android and IOS version this year. As a projection, we hit 100k tasks in 3 months on WP so for the year that would be 400k. If we were on IOS and Android, we recon that would be 80m. We need to learn to walk before we run and the time for running is near.


Some great numbers to start the year:-


118637 Tasks or work packets created with our app

Used in 66 NHS UK Teaching Hospitals

500 New users in the last 30 days

In use in 83 countries globally

85 Ratings in the windows store with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars

40 people took the time to review the app. Here is a selection :-


Best app of it's type - 5 Stars

It has all the ward details for my hospital so reminders were great and it's now just become really useful

Excellent - 5 Stars

This was going to be my last windows phone - I will get another one because I use this app so much - great app

Very useful In our hospital - 5 Stars

We use this for so many jobs that we used to organize by phone calls \ Whasapp and never knew if they had been done - this just works and keeps us informed - great app

Indispensable tool - 5 Stars

Though not a doctor yet.....still.....being a med student....i find this app quite resourceful... A hearty welcome to such apps under windows platform....thank a lot!!

17th December 2016 - 4 New NHS Hospitals added

As requested by users, we have today added the following NHS Hospitals :-

Darlington Memorial Hospital

Great Western Hospital - Swindon

University Hospital of North Durham

The Whittington Hospital in London

Users can now create fully working GPS models of these hospitals on their phones in seconds.

12th December 2016 - Victoria Hospital in Blackpool added

We are still growing - 56 Hospitals and 97k tasks. We also added the NHS Victoria Hospital in Blackpool. If users keep asking, we will keep adding any of the hospitals they request. We welcome the Victoria Hospital on-board and hope AAA helps their medics manage their daily tasks.

11th November 2016 - London UK

New platform Record 3700 Transactions in 24 Hrs

The AAA platform set it's own new record today with over 3700 transactions processed in 24 Hrs. These transactions are medics working within 48 NHS hospitals and also around the world. As the data is encrypted, we never know what users are doing, just that they are using the app. 80 days since launch we are very pleased with the progress and that our users seem to like the app. Telemetry from within Windows phone tells us that 685 'sessions' of the app being used created this volume of transactions in the UK and 410 sessions in India. USA had 85, Pakistan with 73 followed by The Netherlands with 65.

AAA has never been advertised or featured in the Windows Store. Our users find us by word of mouth and recommendation. Thank-you to our users.

8th November - London UK


A Wide range of medics can now utilise many features in AAA medical in the UK and internationally. Users can store and share patient data with anyone they choose securely. All AAA data is 256bit AES encrypted. AAA Medical is a free HIPAA and HITEC compliant app that runs on a USD40 smartphone. AAA Medical works when you have a connection to the net but also when you don't. This allows AAA Medical to be used by the 4.6bn or 60% of the planet that does not have a connection and are 'Off-grid' but also by the remaining 40% that do have a connection. AAA medical works during natural disasters.
London, 8th November 2016 – AAA Medical is now in use in 48 UK NHS hospitals within it's first 80 days of availability from the Windows Store. Users in these 48 hospitals have created over 60k transactions or 'work packets'. The app is actively being used 24x7 in some of the UK's largest and busiest hospitals.
AAA Medical does not have to be used by medics. It can be used personally by users or their medics recording exactly what actions or treatments have been performed on them. Full medical histories, consultations, medications, images, lab reports, audio and videos can be recorded with a fully detailed timeline. When a user next requires a treatment, they simply invite the medic to their group and their entire history is made available to the medic. The user or group owner is always in control of their data and it is available to them 24x7 when they have a connection but also when they don't. It is this capability that sets AAA Medical ahead of it's competitors.
Managing personal health data centrally helps individuals securely monitor and improve their health, ensuring their latest health data is accessible when needed and thus ensuring medics and carers deliver the best possible care and advice. Users can record vitals and observations whenever they need and wherever they are. Users control their data even if they don't have a connection.
All AAA data is 256bit AES encrypted at all times and held securely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This includes on the device, whilst being transmitted or received and when stored in the cloud. The user has sole control over the information that is stored and whether they wish any healthcare individual or organisation to view their medical history.
Dave Hurhangee, AAA Medical founder and CEO, says: "Users rightly expect mobile technology to advance at an exponential pace and for the cost to continue to drop. It's no longer good enough to have a mobile device used as a 'dumb' terminal to access a website if and when a connection is available. The price of downloading that data is also dependent on location and this cost alone excludes many of the world's population. Users love their devices and depend on them and that has to include making their medical records freely available to them where ever and when ever they need them regardless of whether they are connected or not."
Websites go down, cell towers fail or get congested and even the cloud goes down but accidents will continue to happen and often in the least accessible locations. With AAA Medical, your health data is always available to you and anyone you care to share that data with. This allows medics and carers to deliver the best care and advice based on your history wherever you are.
A video of AAA Medical in use is also available on YouTube HERE

About AAA Medical
Pushing the boundaries of what's possible with mobile technology and the cloud to deliver evidence based treatments and advice derived from cognitive computing and big data.
We believe cheap cloud based mobile computing will revolutionize human healthcare and we want to be part of this revolution. AAA runs on a £40 smartphone and that price will drop. Wearables that continually monitor vital signs are where we are going but they need to not only be cheaper but also continue to work in remote and unconnected locations. They need to be 'Always On'.

The ability to deliver computer aided expert healthcare to anyone, anywhere is exciting but the ability to predict and prevent is game changing - It's a passion that drives us.
For medics and communities that don't have a regular internet connection, AAA Medical is significant. For people who also can't afford expensive EHR systems, it's a major leap and because AAA Medical is free, that makes it available to everyone everywhere. This data allows us to build the worlds largest dataset of aggregated health data that is recorded in a standard form. From this, not only can medics deliver better evidence based outcomes but more importantly they can deliver evidence based prevention before treatment is even required. The answers are in the numbers and this is science fiction we aim to make science fact.
Further Information
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