Our project will launch on Android, IOS and UWP in September 2017. As we are only on Windows Phone we are now prepared for the other 99.8% of users who will soon be able to use our app. Based on WP figures, we project about 2.5m users by December 2017. WP has been a great beta platform.

The two co-founders have over 70 years of pure I.T. experience as developers, designers and project managers working on national multi-million pound projects. We put our skills and our own personal funds into our project which we are passionate about and believe in. It's been a four year journey and we know "we are right".

We plan external investment when we have generated traction in our market and started creating revenue from advertising. We won't do that until we reach a number of users that is attractive to potential advertisers. We think about August 2017. If, however you would like to invest or talk to us before then, please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our software is currently only available on Windows phone (0.3% global market share). We are however currently developing Android, IOS and UWP versions (including a minority report type Hololense interface for looking at documents attached to the patient record). Microsoft's recent announcement of 'Windows on ARM' and the 'connected PC' is exactly where we want to go as our software is a communications hub. Having a connection, ink, connectivity to the enterprise and security only makes it better.

 We have started work on our pitch deck and the first few slides are below. If you would like to see more, just get in touch.








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If you would like to see more, just get in touch.