D - I need to track and report faults and infections on beds & wards

AAA can be used just to track and control maintenance faults so everyone knows how many beds are operational in any ward or even to let medics know when a ward is shut due to an infection. You can also track faults with any piece of equipment you have. AAA does not have to hold patient data to still be useful. It has many 'use-cases'.

Everyone can see how long the item has been out of order for and when someone fixes it. It is difficult for faults to be forgotten about.

As the 'Action' or task system in AAA is dynamic, you can create an Action for any eventuality.

If for example we had an imaginary piece of equipment called a 'widget' and it was located in a room called 'The Room'. We would first add the location of 'The Room' to the estate and optionally set it's GPS location (You set a GPS position by just pressing a button in the app or entering it's post code) . We would then create an action with the title of <Widget Fault> and set the fault location to 'The Room' and then allocate this task to a maintenance engineer.

The engineer will now know who has asked for the repair, how long ago they asked and also where the fault is. AAA will even tell him how far away 'The Room' is and also 'turn by turn' directions to get there. Again, all this works even when users are only 'occasionally connected' or 'Off-grid'.

When the engineer 'Accepts' the task, everyone in the group can see the job is in hand. When he changes the status to In-Progress, everyone can see that he is fixing it and then finally when he is done, he will mark the task as 'Complete' and everyone will know that the 'Widget' in 'The Room' is now functional again.

We don't know what equipment you have but you do. With AAA, you create your own solutions that work for you.


To report a fault or mark a ward as having an infection :-

Step 1 - Select the Ward


Step 2 - Create the Task


The fault or infection is now known by all members in the group and whenever a patient is moved or located in that ward an infection warning is displayed to the task creator.