Click here to download AAA Medical V1.0 beta from the Windows Store. Please note that the beta test will end in May 2018.

Get it from Microsoft

If you look on-line, you will find that its quite rare to just download software and use it. It's normal to have to book a demo or wait for a call or that a salesman will need to visit you before you can even try the software. We don't understand that.

We could suggest a few reasons why that might be but we'd rather just save you the time and ask that you download AAA and see if it works for you. Don't believe a 'review' - Try it for yourself.


  • Calculate NEWS\PEWS or use it just for contact numbers. 
  • iOS and Android versions are in development
  • We never sell or pass on your details to any third party.
  • We don't employ salesmen - We won't visit, call or email you.
  • Make an un-pressured decision in your own time - We won't contact you unless you contact us.
  • If your hospital is not in the list, tell us and we will add it at no cost.
  • Try your ideas & processes, see if they work in your environment at no cost.
  • Anyone, no matter how junior or senior can try and see if AAA can help in their environment. Create a process or workflow that helps everyone you work with and benefits them all. It may come to nothing and if that's the case at least you tried to improve things BUT occasionally you may just come up with a gem on your own without a management consultant in sight. It's our sincere hope that the people on the ground who do the work and know how it's done best can improve their own processes and procedures. AAA gives you the ability to try your ideas but without any costs.
  • Start slowly and prove your ideas work. Make it work for you and when you are sure, invite a colleague to your group who may also benefit. 
  • If AAA does not do what you need - Let us know, maybe we can add the feature you want.