J - How AAA shows the status of a patient and what's outstanding

With AAA you can quickly see the status of any patient 

AAA makes it easy to see :-

1 - All tasks or Jobs that you are responsible for - jobs that are assigned to you

2 - All outstanding jobs within your group - all outstanding jobs for all members of your group

3 - All outstanding jobs for patients that are in your care

4 - How patients vitals are trending

 (All names on the following screenshots are computer generated first names and last names so they may appear a little odd)

                         Event Log showing job states                                      Event log with Filters menu



  Patient Job or encounter history (tap and details are displayed)   Medications are on a separate tab (tap to expand details)



                         Expanded event details


For Vitals we will show a trend over the last three readings


The trend is reflected over the last two readings - The BP in this example rose

from 99 to 102 which is an increase so we show an up arrow. After this it rose again to the latest reading of 110.




  Touch and Hold on any event to activate the respond menu      Notes can be local for off-line use  




     Respond to an event and let everyone else know            Notes can be PDF, video, audio or any document type