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Group Wide Vital Alarms Group Wide Vital Alarms



Quick Access for Common Jobs


At the bottom of the main patient record, we have added the following quick functions which deliver all the data the medic needs including the last set of recorded vitals and the patients location.

Automated Vital Alarms:- This option allows you to set automated alarms on any vital sign or NEWS score and to alert the medics you select.

Set the Alarm threshold, select who you want to be alerted and activate. Simple.



All medics on the alert list will receive a notification and an event in the event log if any alarms have been tripped. Both NEWS and PEWS scores are calculated with explanations

of how the figure was derived are also included



Who is best suited to do a job:- 



Record Vitals Now:- This option takes the user to a screen where they can directly input the patients vitals. Simply slide the rotary dials and record the vitals - Job Done.



Request Medic Attend Now:- If the patient has been allocated a 'Medic in charge' a single tap will alert them that they should attend. If no 'Medic in charge' is allocated, the request is made to 'Any available group member'.


Work is underway and development of the UWP version is 'in-Progress'

Mobile, Connected PC,  tablet, 2-in-1, laptop or desktop - the choice is yours. Whatever meets your needs at the time you need the data. You choose the form factor.


AAA will automatically sync each device as and when you use it. You don't have to do a thing. AAA goes wherever you are and that includes 'Off-Grid' locations. Add new treatments, patient notes or even patients on any device. AAA just keeps working where ever you are and with whatever device you have.

UWP, iOS and Android versions of AAA will be available by August 2018.