N - Our Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement


To develop intelligent low cost occasionally connected healthcare software that will: -

  • Collate and aggregate medical treatments and outcome data in order to deliver evidence based healthcare solutions calculated from scientific knowledge and cognitive computing from within the aggregated data.
  • To predict medical issues within a population based on data collected from individuals within a geographic area.
  • To maintain a technological, heuristic and cost advantage over any competing product to maintain availability and access to quality healthcare for everyone.
  • To give every human being access to an electronic medical advising device that can deliver the best solution to any known ailment they may have or are about to contract anywhere and at any time.

Nice bit of Science Fiction ?

"IBM has demonstrated “Watson's ingestion of more than 600k pieces of medical evidence, more than 2m pages from medical journals and the further ability to search through up to 1.5m patient records for further information gives it a breadth of knowledge no human doctor can match. In tests, Watson's successful diagnosis rate for lung cancer is 90%, compared to 50% for human doctors.”

Results only get better as numbers get bigger and Watson will only get smarter. Imagine Watson armed with 1bn histories? Want a second opinion ? We're not taking medics out of the equation, just giving them better tools.

We believe cheap cloud based mobile computing will revolutionize human healthcare and we want to be part of this revolution. AAA runs on a £30 smartphone and that price will drop. Wearables that continually monitor vital signs are where we are going but they need to not only be cheaper but also continue to work in remote and unconnected locations. They need to be 'Always On'

The ability to deliver computer aided expert healthcare to anyone, anywhere is exciting but the ability to predict and prevent is game changing - It's a passion that drives us and why we almost run to work every day. Imagine stopping Ebola before it ever gets going ? If we know what to look for in the data and the data is recorded in a standardised way, our vision as 'Watson' has shown is achievable.

Getting to this point has not been easy and we've only just got started. We took a large number of features out of the original release of AAA as it was just too much to get users started with. Many of those features will be released over the next 12-18 months - We've only just got going and at the moment, it's hard to hold back.

We have a true hunger for knowledge and an absolute passion for this technology even though we don’t know exactly where it will take us - That's exciting! We believe that with a bit of luck, we might just make the future a little better and that our vision is attainable.

When we grew up we saw ‘science fiction’ become ‘science fact’ and that ethos is hard-coded into our company DNA. If what we are doing was easy, it would have been done many times already. AAA is a first and this is just the beginning - We won't ever stop pushing.



Watson is a Science Fact