A - Your 1st day in a large UK Hospital - Need some help ?

AAA comes with full ward lists, ward contact names, phone numbers, bleep and pager numbers and floor plans for the 100 largest UK hospitals. (See the full Hospital list we support here) We have also included an encrypted group chat that also works when offline. We'll even tell you not only which direction a ward is in but also give you turn by turn navigation to get there. Hopefully We'll make those first few weeks a little less daunting.

AAA does not have to hold patient data to be useful - We understand that in some establishments, holding patient data on your phone is not allowed. Just use the features you need.

Some UK hospitals are very large employing up to 12,000 people and set over a large geographic area. AAA supplies Ward contact names and phone numbers, full ward lists, floor plans and a convenient way to keep in touch with the contacts you need. We'll even tell you which direction a ward is in and how to get there (even when you don't have a connection).

There is also a 'Contact' panel where you can quickly communicate with any member of your team, any ward, bleep\pager or any patient.

Contacts    contacts quick picker   


 Floor plans and offline directions.




Reminders and Appointments

Tap on a patient from any context menu and make reminders and appointments. We take basic patient or contact information and pre-populate the reminder or appointment for you. All you have to do is set the time and date. You can use any calendar you like as AAA works with any Google or Microsoft calendar you have


Create an Appointment                       Or a Reminder



 There is also Encrypted Group Chat to any member of your team - It's industrially encrypted - private and secure. We also added a Shift timer - So you know how long you have left to complete your tasks but more commonly tell you how much extra you have worked :-(


You can also set 'Group Banner Messages' - This is the 'scroller' or ticker that scrolls along the bottom of all your team members screens. Create a message and everyone will see it. It's your system, use it for whatever you like.


We have also added ICD10 Lookups. Sometimes existing terminals are not working or not nearby so you might not have the information you need. We have built ICD10 with both Short and long descriptions in so the information is always at your fingertips, even when off-line. You won't have to look them up hours later. We use the UK NHS 5th Edition.



If you tap and hold on any of the events or tasks, you get a context menu which gives you a wide range of communication options. It's context sensitive to the event or patient - The following steps activate it.


Step 1 - Tap an Event                                                    Step - 2 - We tapped A completed Vitals event



Step 3 - Touch and hold anywhere on the event and a 'Context Menu' is displayed - Touch any of the options you need. Remember - This all works even when you have no Wi-Fi, 3G or access to any networks at all.


Step 4 - If you tap 'Get directions to patient' you get turn by turn directions. This works even when offline. If you tap 'Call Patient Ward' AAA will also give you the contact name.



I'm not sure how to do that ?

At the very bottom of the context menu is 'help with this action' This is where a member of your team has supplied a URL or web page that will give you help about how to perform a certain action. These links are usually set by the group owner but can be set by any group member. If the action was 'Vitals-Request' for example, your establishment may have specific criteria that they want to be observed whenever anyone performs this action. Perhaps a form is required and this link is to a webpage on your intranet that tells you where to get the form from and what you need to fill in. Perhaps you will set the link as you forgot to do something that was not obvious and the link you supplied will help anyone else who is new not make the same mistake. The system is flexible and lets you create the most useful group repository of information you need to get your job done.


We hope AAA will make those first few days and weeks just a little less daunting.