B - Domiciliary Practice and Remote Patients - No internet - No problem

Many elderly patients have no or very limited internet connections and your current web based system will just not work. This data then needs to be recorded either on paper and then transcribed back into your existing system once you get the data back to base. This is not only costly but as with any transcription it's also prone to error.

If you know you are going to visit patients in an area where there may not be a connection, AAA allows you to download the cloud based part of their records such as images and pdf lab results before you go.

Once you are with the patient, AAA stores all the treatments and notes you make when there is no connection. You can even add new patients and treat them when working off-grid. Once you get back to an area of connectivity or when it's convenient (or not costly) for you, AAA uploads this data to the cloud and then updates all other medics in your group. No transcription is required and all timings are correct as AAA uses UTC between all group members even if they are on the other side of the world. We will also tell you how to reach the patient with offline turn by turn directions (anywhere in the world if you download the maps before you go).



Another scenario may be that you are in an off grid location, in a helicopter for example and attend a medical emergency. With AAA you can enter all the patient details, presenting complaints and continue to take vitals, complete forms, take images, sound recordings and video. As soon as your phone or device reaches an area of connectivity, all the data is made available to anyone in your group as soon as the data is uploaded and while you and the patient are still in transit.