C - How does AAA save me money and only show me relevant content

When you create a group, we take note of the medical speciality you created the group for.

We Keep it simple..
Advertising costs are often high as the advertising cost is based on 'number of viewers' or 'page views'. It seldom however takes into account who those viewers are and if the product being advertised is at all relevant to them.
All traditional Web advertising ignores this fact and the additional cost burden ends up adding to the price the consumer pays.
If an advertiser advertises on a medical recruitment website for example, all we know is that people who were looking for medical jobs may have seen the advert. What about all the other medics who were not looking for a job ?
Adverts also rarely target a specific role. Blanket advertising like this is wasteful, adds to the product cost and is disengaging for the audience. All of us just 'switch off' but we will still end up paying for it.
With AAA the audience is our users. We will always strive to give our users the best experience possible and with advertising, that means we won't accept 'blanket adverts'.
When you create a group in AAA, it knows why you created the group i.e. Maternity and it knows your role i.e. Midwife.
It's a simple principle - We only show relevant products, events, jobs or offers to people who might be interested or for who the advert is relevant. It's that simple.
We target the advertising by 'Group Speciality' and your Role, not your email address. The advertiser never knows who you are, where you work, your e-mail address or your name.
Therefore :-
  • When we sell an advert, the advertiser can be highly selective in which medical specialities will see their advert.

  • The advertiser has the option of only displaying their advert to Roles they choose.
  • The advertiser never knowns your name, email address or phone number or location. 
  • We won't disengage users working in Maternity groups with adverts selling hearing aids for example. 

  • Cardiologists won't see job adverts for Nurses and Nurses won't see job adverts for Radiologists. Adverts only get seen by the relevant audience.
  • We know you are busy and we are trying to remove the need to flick through 100's of adverts when probably only 5-10 are of interest to you.
Anything New ?
Yes - AAA has the ability to take advertising to places that presently can't be reached. Any advert on AAA can have a start date of months into the future and will be shown even when the device is off-grid.
We discount match ?
We match the discount an advertiser pays for the advert to the discount they offer our users. If the advertiser discounts a product by 40% on AAA, we will discount the advert cost by 40%.
The Bottom Line
It costs the advertiser or supplier less to get their message delivered to a precisely targeted audience. If the advertising costs are less, they have more discount available to give to you. In this industry, that's a highly significant figure. We offer advertisers a discount in line with the discount they offer for products they advertise with us. The advertiser \ vendor wins, we win and you, the end user gets your goods for less. 


We only deliver an advertisers content to people who might need their products.

You only see adverts for products you might need.

You pay less for those products.